Friday, 20 September 2013

Prayer for the leaders

Heavenly Father, I'd first of all like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of being able to strait up chat to you, personally and intimately as well as corporately and publicly. It's beautifully exciting to present requests to you, the creator of heaven and earth and everything in both of those. To share a conversation about what is going down, what you think of that and what you think of me. To share my deepest fears and hand over all my worries on cares into your more-than-capable hands. I'm so grateful and cherish this privilege. 
No one else would handle these things like you do, no one has more power or authority than you, and for that I willingly chose to give you every part of me. 

Would you move in the hearts and minds of the leaders who meet today at church? Let their spirits all be deeply refreshed in you and encouraged to keep walking in their new found confidence. 
Let their hearts break again for the young people this ministry serves.
Holy Spirit would you prophetically speak into the lives of those who hunger for your direction and purpose. I ask that you ignite their hearts with your commission and birth new visions and dreams. 

Thank your for the privilege of serving with such giant faith people and being able to brush shoulders with people who sharpen me as I sharpen them. 

Thank you for the incredible start to the wildfire year- those kids were so so hungry for you and I know you did some really significant things in their hearts which is brilliant. 

Thank you so much. 
Keep me humble please, pride is useless to me. You are my confidence. My assurance. 
Help me grow more and learn more to become stronger in worship leading on and off platform. 

Thank you so much Jesus for living in and through me. 

In you mighty name I pray, Amen.

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